SS393/SSN651 Crew Data Form

This questionnaire is to be used for accumulating crewmembers for our rosters,and in planning our reunions. It takes a year or more to plan a reunion properly and get the word out.

Name:  First*  MI    Last*
Rate or Rank:*   Dates Onboard (M/Y - m/Y):*
Street or PO Box:*? Zip*
City:?* State Abb:*
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SS393 SSN651

What time of the year is best?
(you may check more than one.)

Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter

How frequent should reunions be? Every 2 yrs? 3 yrs? 4 yrs? 5 yrs

Where would you like to see a reunion held?
The location should be near a submarine base or at least a seaport.
(Remember cost is a consideration for most folks.)

Portland, Oregon area.

Seattle, Bremerton, Washington area. (Tukwila, June 14-16, 2002)

San Francisco, California area.

San Diego, California area. (Last held in 1996)

New London, Connecticut area. (Last held in 1999)

Kings Bay, Georgia area

Norfolk, Virginia area

Newport News, Virginia area

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii area.


Don't forget these:
Would you be interest in helping plan the reunion?*
Yes? No
Do you like the idea of joint Queenfish reunions?*
    Yes? No

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