Photos from Jerry Johnson, ET1(SS)(DV)


Jerry sent me quite a few photographs, some will appear here, the rest will be posted as the page evolves. Many of Jerry's photos are slides. Since I can't afford $700 for a good scanner for slides, some of the pictures are not as good a quality as they could be. I apologise to Jerry for this.

Jerry Johnson, pictured, took this photo, left, while the ship was doing "angles and dangles".

In the lower right corner there is a flashlight hanging on a string (see inset.) I measured the angle and the ship was at about a 29 degree down angle. The right photo I altered so that jerry is upright. The angle that the ship is at is quite obvious .

Bob Brown

Bob Brown, MM1(SS)(ELT), ("Brownie"). The "brown Brown" of the famous (on ship) Brown trio. The others where"blond Brown (Owen, LT(SS)) and "black Brown" (Mike, EM1(SS)).

Howie Shamro

Howard "Howie" Shamro MM2(SS) in the engineroom.

Looks like he's doing laundry,

At one time we had 4 browns. "Red Brown" was COB. But howie, there's a laundromat up forward!

This is Richard(?) ET1(SS) another Nuke friend. Jerry help me out with his last name.

Chuck Hudson, EM2(SS) Enjoying some off watch time
at his bunk (note the tapedeck.)

This is looking aft from upper level operatione toward the infamous "frame # 57" , and the reactor tunnel.
The reactor tunnel, as viewed from Aux. Machinery space #2

Vistors were never allowed past this point.

There are three water-tight hatches that allow access into the ship.

1. Bow
2. Stern or "Engineroom"
3. Weapons shipping (the largest, and main entrance.)

Looking up through the weapons shipping hatch.