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Volunteers needed to help plan the next reunion. (2005)

Contact: Daniel Harrison

Wanted:  Stories and pictures of the Queenfishes.  
	I especially need anything on SS393.
	Any photos will be scanned and returned.  
	Contact me by E-mail for my Snail-mail address.

E-mail from Dave Lawrence:
     I was browsing the net and came across the QUEENFISH web site.
     I am an employee of SUBMEPP, a Navy activity of which you may
     have heard. I am an engineer and we develop maintenance plans 
     and work packages for submarines.
      As an aside, I am a collector of submarine and Navy activity stickers
      (ships emblem decals). 
     I have a fairly extensive collection which includes all operational 
     submarines, and many inactivated and special ones also.  I do not have 
     SSN651 - USS QUEENFISH in my collection.  Stickers for QUEENFISH, 
     along with some other inactivated ships, are very hard to come by 
     because there is no contact point anymore.  When I found your page, I 
     became very excited about the possibility of acquiring a QUEENFISH 
     sticker at long last.  Do you have any or know where I can get one or 
     two?  I am willing to pay for the sticker if someone has any for sale. 
      A few others I am missing are GUITARRO, PUFFER, RAY, LEWIS & CLARK 
     and STIMSON.  Please write back and let me know.  Thanks.
     Dave Lawrence 
PS: I can make a decal from a drawing or photograph,  
Any such item, sent, would be returned.


E_mail from Ken Hottenstein EX ET2(SS) 672 & 665.

I am a former 637 qualled ET2(SS) and I am trying to put together a
collection of Zippo lighters from 637 boats. Currently I have 10.
If you have an extra or are willing to part with your's please
e-mail me at with what you want for it.
Thanks Ken Hottenstein EX ET2(SS) 672 & 665.

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