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Hooray for Hollywood

These pictures are from Bill "Hollywood" Miles Jr
and were taken aboard ship and in New Zealand in 1984
Bill also writes poetry click "cascades" for his poem by that name

David "Spunky" Potash, Rudy Ferkatch, Noel Daignault in front, me, Paul "PP" Palhka and STC kent Allen In back

Me pulling into Guam, POIC fwd line 1

Brent Lindblom, me and Carl "Rosie" Rosengren (white Shirt) trying to look innocent for the cob...... (hardly ever worked!!)

Tube #2 with warshot loaded

Fred Ames in the white hat turned, Royal Prosecutor, myself in blonde curls as Royal Judge and Brent Lindblom as King Neptune.

Scott Appleby overseeing "sentence"
on "Doc" (HM) Bollinger

Scott "Skippy" Pence, Jimmy Stearrett, Tom Arney, "Cowboy" Bill Wilson III.  and Brad Gill, before EASTPAC '82

Supply officer "Billy Joel" Miller in red brimmed hat, FT Bill King and ICFN David "Spunky" Potash.

"Hollywood" and Mike Mansfield between ship wide drills.

Anchored in the Auckland NZ harbour.

And from atop you can just make out Ricky Thorpe waving goodbye to the liberty Boat.

Welcome Aboard Brochure

This is Scott Suneson (ST) during the great "Cool Hand Luke" Contest, 50 eggs was the bet. Nearly a $1000 was bet on this escapade. Behind Scott is (RM) Bob Singleton and (RM) Eric "Agent" Orange, in the glasses. Scott did make it to the high 20s before he lost it. WESTPAC '84.

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  The protest article
©Star - Times, 3/22/84
Courtesy of Pat Churchill
Corporate Relations Manager
Independant Newspapers Limited
Wellington, NZ

The American nuclear powered submarine Queenfish sails into the most spectacular pro-test yet as she arrives in Auckland today.

More than 50 demonstrators' boats fired bright red smoke flares, flew black flags, chanted and beat drums as the 4600-ton vessel slid slowly to her harbour mooring at 10.53am.

Police put more than 60 boats on the harbour to encircle Queenfish and keep protesters away.

Several yachts were towed from Queenfish's path but there were few confrontations 'in the colourful and noisy demonstration.

A man was arrested on North Head and charged with using offensive Language but there were no arrests on the harbour.

Aucklanders got their first view of Queenfish soon after 10am when she entered the Rangitoto Channel, flanked by her Royal New Zealand Navy escorts Hawea and Rotoiti.

Between 60 and 70 police launches and inflatables moved quickly towards the now familiar black hull, entering the channel at 8-10 knots.

The crowd on North Head had grown to more than 100 by 10.l5am, with a quarter of the onlookers dressed in black.

They held a black banner proclaiming Auckland a nuclear-free zone and occasionally released helium-filled black balloons.

Many, however, had burst before demonstrators could release them.

Queenfish rounded North Head under the protection of a tight cordon of police boats at 10.25am to face the 50 demonstrators' vessels off Okahu Bay.

Two launches flying American flags greeted the submarine's arrival.

Police boats and inflatables pushed into the fleet, forcing a path for Queenfish which was then traveling about 6 knots.

Police darted in to move the protest yacht Vim - about 40m ahead of the Queenfish - and a constable fell into the sea as the two craft collided.

The familiar protest trimaran Phoenix suffered minor damage when police tugs forced it out of the submarine's path.

The fleet included kayaks, rafts, dinghies- and a nude male on a surf-board.

The Queenfish's escort frigates, USS Schofield and USS Whipple, steamed unchallenged through the protest fleet to berth at Princes Wharf at 8.45am and 9am.