USS Queenfish
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This Slide Viewer like the saver has 40 photos of the 2 Queenfishes. Most are large format photos from Naval photo archives, and never before seen in public. Included are, the last minutes of the SS393 before sliding to the bottom, after being used for a torpedo target. This viewer © 2001by Jerry Uffelman, and may not be sold by anyone.

This Slide Viewer is free for anyone to download. It consists of 3 installation files.

1. qfviewer.exe (44kb)
2. File.1 (1.4Mb)
3. File.2 (1.17Mb)

Download all 3 files to the same folder, then run qfviewer.exe
File.1 and File.2 are not exactly the same as those for the saver use the ones linked here.

We're sorry but, this viewer works on pc compatibles with 640x480 resolution or higher.
800x600 resolution is recommended. Pentium processor or better is desirable.

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