The SS 393 insignia.

Original 393 Planks

The SSN 651 insignia.
Early in 2005 Dan Harrison was contacted by lady from the USN looking for someone to represent USS 393 Plankowners. She claimed to have a quantity of planking taken from the USS Queenfish SS393 prior to her disposal as a target. She said "it would cost nothing, would he be interested in dispersing said planking?

Dan said sure. About a month later he received a box of 50 pieces of planking from the Naval History Museum, with instructions and a letter of authenticity.
Some of the pieces are shown below.

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Who is Eligible to obtain a plank piece?
Original "Plank Owners" (Commissioning Crew) or a person who is in his immediate family, grand child included. There are only 50 pieces, so, family members, there is only one piece per family. Some form of proof is required. We have a list of plank owners if your not sure.

How much does it cost?
By order of the Navy there is no charge.
To Quote Dan Harrison"
"There is NO COST for shipping the planks. I am honored to be able to do that. Have the shipmate send me a shipping (s-mail) add or call me at 505-770-7028."

What other stipulation (s) are there?
Your planking MAY NOT be sold. Donating it to a museum would probably be acceptable. You would need to contact the Navy first.
2) You must sign a letter of agreement to the No Sale terms.

What do I get?
You would receive a genuine piece of Teak planking from the USS Queenfish SS393. Pieces are approximately 2" X 2" square, and vary from about 6" to 10" in length. You would also receive a copy of the letter from the US Navy certifying the authenticity of the piece

How do I Contact Dan Harrison?
Dan is owner and manager of Taos RV Park
in Taos, NM

Dan Harrison
C/O Taos RV Park
PO Box 729
Ranchos De Taos, NM 87557
Phone: (505) 758-1667
Fax: (505)
Home: (505) 758-
email: glhdrh at queenfish dot org

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