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About Uffie and this Web Site

The SSN 651 insignia.

IC1 Rating - white BW photo of Uffie now UFFIE in 1970 IC1 Rating - blue

Hi! I'm Gerald (Jerry) Edwin Uffelman IC1(SS), AKA "Uffie or Uffy" (Pronounced uh-fee) to my shipmates.


I came aboard USS Queenfish (SSN651) fresh from Submarine School with Dick Boynton (SKSN) in September of 1967. Shortly after the "Queenie Boat" home ported at Sub Base, Pearl Harbor. I was a 3rd class IC-Man (Interior Communications Electrician) assigned to the Electrical/IC Division as a "Nuke" electrician.

On our first WESTPAC (Western Pacific Cruise. The military loves acronyms even more than computer people do.), Robert (Stoney) Stone (MM3), also a "Nuke" and I served as Planesman/Helmsman for 9 months. This is a rare instance where the Nuclear section had extra people, and the "Forward" section had a shortage.

After WESTPAC I returned to the Nuclear section and worked there for about another year. I then had the opportunity to become a forward IC-Man ( Another story in it's self), where I remained for a little over 2 years. I Ieft her for EAOS (End of Active Obligated Service), at TI (Treasure Island, CA), in the summer of 1972.The Queenfish was my first and only ship, and I do truly miss her.

My Awards While Aboard SSN651 (9/67-5/72)

Silver Dolphins
My Ribbons
IC2 - IC1
Submarine Qualified (SSN637 Class)
Good Conduct Medal
Naval Unit Commendation (2 bronze stars)
National Defense Service Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Korea)
Viet Nam Service Medal (3 bronze stars)
COMSUBRON 1 Personal Commendation


I have been an instructor at Heald Institute Of Technology, Sacramento, CA. Where I taught  "DC/AC Theory" after teaching "Computer Technology I" (Basic MS-DOS and Windows.), and "Math For Electronics" for 2 years. I have completed Novell training, CIW Cert, and Have an AAS in Networking Technology, to add to the one I have in Electronics Technology. Due to the slowdown in the economy, I am currently unemployed.


Although we will never see her again. There is no reason why the crew members can't meet again.

The Queenfish Web Site:

The primary purpose of this Web site is to provide place to gather data for a Reunion Roster, for use in planning future reunions and to provide a single source of E-Mail addresses of shipmates.

One of the problems faced by the people who took it upon themselves to attempt to contact shipmates about the 1996 reunion was there was darn little data accumulated in any one place, to allow contacting crew members. The fact that the reunion was a success at all, is due to the monumental efforts of Captain Jack Bennett (SS393), "TI" Thompson (SSN651), and last, but certainly not least, the late Dick Dietz (SSN651).

These gentlemen spent many hours on the phone, making long distance calls to anybody who's name resembled that of anyone who was a shipmate. Mr. Dietz, and Mr. Thompson personally ran up phone bills to levels only surpassed by teenagers.

The secondary purpose of this Web page is to provide information about submarines in general, and the two Queenfishes, so that the general public will have a better understanding of what they do, and why we love our "boats".


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