SUBICEX70 - North Pole
Original photos by the U.S. Navy
Polar Bears Swimming
Polar Bears Swimming

Delaware flag at pole
"Delaware Boys"?
Left to right, back row: J. Uffelman, Rich Hery, Rich Grafton. Front row: Mike Keck, Charlie Clifton.
Cal flag at pole
California Boys
Left to right, back row: J. Uffelman, Rich Hery, photographer. Front row: Mike Keck, Rich Grafton.

Letter From North Pole
Ballast and Ships Control panels
A surealistic view of the Ship Control Panel
and the Ballast Control Panel (background)

A view of the Arctic Sea from the sail
In the 70's, the Navy ran a "Pride Runs Deep" advertising campaign, Featuring SSN (651). The two pictures above from SUBICEX70 were used along with the photo on the right. The photo on the right was also seen on billboards and was quite impressive. Pride Runs Deep
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