USS Queenfish (SSN651)

1/96 scale R/C Model

Built by: Miss Mandy Angell

A few months after this website was created, I received an E-mail from a fellow named, Daryl Angell. He said that his, teenaged daughter, Mandy was building a radio controlled model of a 637 class submarine, and asked if I could help with some structural details.

I sent what I could, and asked for pictures when it was done. It took a while to get those pictures (see below), but they were worth the wait. Mandy named her sub "USS Queenfish (SSN651)" I think we all owe Mandy a big thank you for continuing the name, and for doing such a fine Job. Thank you, Mandy,
Jerry Uffelman  Contact Mandy at:

Approximately 40 inches long and 4 inches in diameter (1/96 Scale)


"Enclosed are scanned pics' of my daughter's (Mandy), RC Queenfish. Sorry it's taken so long. The first set of pictures didn't come out very well. And I lost the second set until I found them at Christmas. Mandy has taken it to 2 sub regattas, (Groton, and King's Bay) and won a Modeler's Excellence Award at Groton, and the Captain's Choice Award at King's Bay. I downloaded most of your website and put it in a binder, and that goes with us to the regattas. Your pictures always draw comments and people seem interested in your website. Thanks again for all your help. " "Sincerely,
Daryl Angell"
 Received 3/31/98: "Mandy's boat is about 40 inches long and 4 inches in diameter (1/96 Scale). It just came out of "dry dock" recently. We didn't like some of the performance characteristics of our original effort. She is now a much more responsive boat and should take less maintenance. (My wife says she's heard this before)" "We're anxiously awaiting the next issue of the SubCommittee Report. Mandy will have an article in it about our trip to King's Bay." "We've received a couple of comments from guys who have visited your website. They were very complimentary on Mandy's modeling skills. It is very educational to hear about their experiences on the boat. They all have fond memories of her." "Thanks for the web space. Keep in touch. Daryl"

Mandy and her father were guests of honor at our 1999 reunion In Groton, CT
Mandy's model in front of the reunion banner. Mandy and her father with her model
Jerry Uffelman, Daryl and Mandy Angell, Dick Dietz, Frank Shamer, George Lehmberg and wife Jane. Jerry Uffelman Presenting Honorary Crewmember awards to the Angells

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