The SS 393 insignia.

Reunion 2005
King's Bay, GA

The SSN 651 insignia.

Home base: Ramada Inn Hotel & Suites, Kingsland, GA
28 July - 1 August 2005



It takes a lot of time and hard work to plan a reunion. The most important job is the coordinator. In this case Keith Garrison was our coordinator.

We would like to thank Keith Garrison who did a most admirable job, almost all of it, by phone. He also opened the checking account and paid the bills, sometimes out of pocket. Keith and his wife June also scouted out the Kingsland, St. Mary's area, so we could better plan the reunion. Keith also made the Submarine Museum arrangements and is also responsible for finding Sonny's BBQ as one of our caterers. Keith lives and works in North Kingston, RI. Thank you Keith
Of course the coordinator needs a bunch of others to help get the job done.

Dan Harrison made a lot of telephone calls, contacting people, searching for volunteers. He also sought out the location and vendors for the reunion. Dan and his wife Ginny, sent out all the mailings, and maintain the contact list. Dan and Ginny are also responsible for the distribution of 393 planking to Plankowners or their families. It was Dan and Ginny who chose Classic Catering and Ramada Inn and Suites, and made the arrangements. All this while living and working in Taos, New Mexico. Thank you Dan and Ginny.

Jerry Uffelman, collected your information, kept you up to date on reunion planning via this Web site, and designed and ordered the reunion goodies, all from his home in Sacramento, California. Thank you Jerry.

Bob Loewenthal
arranged for the King's Bay tours and kept us up to date when scheduling changes occurred. He did this from his home in Jamestown, RI.
Thank you Bob.

Nate Bramlett advised us based on his experiences while coordinating the New London reunion in Connecticut. He also has taken charge of the reunion signage and goodies, storing them until the next reunion. He lives in Danielson, CT. Thank you Nate.

Locally in the St. Mary's area we had Ed Gushen, and Bill Castleberry and Glenn Buford in S. Carolina. They gave us great support by helping us set up the hospitality suite and taking care of the myriad of last minute projects and errands. They also advised us of the who, what, and where's of the area. Bill also found us the Florida vendor that did such a fine job on the ball caps. Ed's wife helped us with info from the Chamber of Commerce, and Ed helped with golf course contacts and scouting. The King's Bay Visitors Bureau gave us the "welcome aboard bags". Thank you guys.

A big thanks to goes to Harry Hall and his efforts to help inform the 393 guys of the reunion, and forwarding any questions they had to us. Thank you Harry.


One of the 651 plank owners Ron Webber and his wife attended. Ron is now Reverend Webber, and volunteered to open our banquet with a prayer. Thank you Ron.

Last but not least a big thanks goes to
Becky Eastridge at Ramada, Diane and staff at Classic Catering (St Mary's), and the folks at Sonny's Real Southern BBQ. These folks showed us real Southern hospitality, and made this reunion terrific.

Glenn Buford

Bill Castleberry

Ed Gushen


Becky Eastridge
The photos
There are a lot of photos in this reunion set with more to come. I had problems with my camera so I only have a couple this time, Nate Bramlett and Bill Custance have contributed over 100 photos. Dan Harrison, who also had camera problems, has sent a few, and there are more promised from others.

Jerry Uffelman                                            My Photos

A small photo tour of the base and St. Mary's by
Nate Bramlett

The reunion as seen by
Nate Bramlett

The reunion as seen by
Bill Custance

The reunion as seen by
Dan Harrison
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