The SS 393 insignia.

About Sound
Powered Phones

The SSN 651 insignia.

Sound powered telephones are ideal, in that they function without an external power source. Earpieces and mouthpieces are identical, so a headphone could still be used if an earpiece or mouthpiece should go bad.

Handsets had a pushbutton switch that had be pressed to transmit or receive., headsets were push to talk. Sound Powered phones require protection from impact, and strain on the wiring.

Typical Headphone circuits

JA Captainís battle circuit
JC Weapons control
61JS Sonar information
1JV Maneuvering and docking
2JZ Damage control
Go to About Interior Communications for more systems
These graphics were from a Sea Scout manual on Sound Powered Phones, but, are the same graphics used in Navy and Coast Guard manuals.

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