WWII Memories

"In The Mood"
The Glenn Miller orchestra

I was born May 24, 1943,. That same day, issue 21, volume 14 of Life Magazine©: was published. It sold for 10 cents on the news stand and a yearly subscription was just $4.50.
I thought I would present some of the advertising and other trivia from that issue here and other items of the times.
I hope those folks who were just youngsters then, and those who are youngsters now, will enjoy them.

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Lucky Strikes White Pack When the war came Lucky Strike's were the soldier's number one brand.
*"In 1940, Lucky Strike changed its color from dark green to white. Chromium was the essential pigment base in green and was needed for the war effort." **"The famous package was changed to white and the green was indeed in the war. The slogan was, 'Lucky Strike green has gone to War!'".
* From Lucky Strike Trivia series 21 ©:1998.
**Contributed by Harry Hall.
Lucky Strikes Green
To reduce the bulk and weight of the mail, shipped
to and from the troops, a special
stationary was created called V Mail, which was shipped on micro-film.

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Castle Films

Castle Films would sell you "Exciting film footage" of Doolittle's raid on Tokyo" (available in 8mm or 16mm.)

  Road Master Bikes

Road Master Bicycles assured us even though all bikes being made now were for the war effort. If we bought Jr. War Bonds now he would be able to buy his own bike later
This little guy was seen everywhere
US Troops were  during WWII.

He was easy to draw and much copied. I saw
him all over, in California, when I was a kid in the 50's.
Click on Kilroy's nose to learn more about him.

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